Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care

Hindu Approaches to Spiritual CareHindu Approaches to Spiritual Care is a pioneering volume that sheds light on the foundations, practicalities and growing of Hindu spiritual care in diverse environments. today. There is much-needed wisdom here for the wider Hindu community, but also insights for Chaplains and carers in other faiths. This raises opportunities to rethink and renew ways of spiritual care and practice.

Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care

Showing how spiritual care is practiced in a variety of different contexts such as healthcare, detention and higher education, as well as settings that may not have formal chaplaincy arrangements, this book offers an original and unique resource for Hindu chaplains to understand and practice spiritual care in a way that is authentic to their own tradition and that meets the needs of Hindus. It offers a Hindu perspective for all chaplains to inform their caregiving to Hindus.

The book explores the theological and metaphysical roots of Hindu chaplaincy and puts forward the case for Hindu chaplaincy as a valuable spiritual practice. It covers the issues that arise in specific locations, such as college, healthcare, prison, military and the corporate sector. Chapters also examine Hindu pastoral care offered in other, ‘non-chaplaincy’ settings, such as LGBT centres, social justice work and environmental activism.

Made up of some 30 essays by chaplains, scholars and other important voices in the field, Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care provides spiritual caregivers with a comprehensive theoretical and practical approach to the relationship of Hinduism and chaplaincy.

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Hindu Approaches to Spiritual Care


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