The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia report

The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia report On 18th May, Associate Professor Amanda Walker, Clinical Director at the Australian Commission for Safety & Quality in Health Care and a specialist in Palliative Medicine, officially launched our much-anticipated research report The Future of Spiritual Care in Australia: A national study on spirituality, wellbeing and spiritual care in hospitals.

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Muslim chaplains forge a new way of thinking about Islam in secular places

Imam Omer Bajwa

(RNS) — Years before he became Yale’s first full-time Muslim chaplain, Imam Omer Bajwa was a graduate student and aspiring journalist who had little idea of what a chaplain does.

Then came September 2001.

“Our phones started ringing off the hook,” said Bajwa, who was involved with Cornell’s Muslim Student Association at the time. “We’re in Ithaca. There’s no mosque, no local Muslim leadership. All these high schools and public libraries and radio stations and college campuses are calling for panels on Islam and understanding 9/11… that was a pivotal moment.”

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I Vow to Save Everyone?

When I was ordained as a Buddhist pastor, I took the bodhisattva vow.

When I was ordained as a Buddhist pastor, I took the bodhisattva vow. The vows begin with: Sentient beings are numberless, I vow to save them all. This was daunting. “I vow to save everyone?” I thought. “Everyone?”

I could commit to the other vows: Dharma Gates are endless, I vow to enter them and Enlightenment is impossible, I vow to achieve it. But the vow to save the more than seven billion people on earth seemed over the top. The number rises exponentially if you consider animals “sentient beings,” which I do.

“I vow to save them all?” I asked.

“Start with a small circle, like your family,” the Abbot advised.

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University chaplaincy in a changing world

University chaplaincy in a changing worldIn a rapidly changing world of Covid-19 and education, education has had to conform to restrictions and often – lockdown. This has forced students into online learning, and collaboration and peer learing in tutorials have had to find a new perch in the learning environment. How does one do pastoral care for students in this situation, and what has been the enduring effects of this pandemic on the life of the University student?

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Transforming Chaplaincy Book Series

Transforming Chaplaincy Book SeriesContemporary spiritual care, as practiced in health care contexts, is very different from the way many healthcare professionals and patients perceive it. The Transforming CHAPLAINCY series aims to thoughtfully address strategic gaps in the literature about contemporary spiritual care.

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The Value of CPE

The Value of CPEClinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an action-reflection process of education, preparing the way for people to work as spiritual carers. This may be primary work, e.g. someone who wants to work as a chaplain, or it may be a secondary component of work that is already being done, e.g. a counselor who is looking to integrate spirituality into their praxis.

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Sikh ethics sees self-centredness as the source of human evil

sikh ethicsI’m a Sikh, and I was raised in the Sikh religious tradition. Long before I was exposed to the works of any Western philosophers, I looked to the teachings of the Sikh gurus, enshrined in our scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, for moral guidance. This has recently got me thinking: how does Sikhism approach the ‘big questions’ of Western moral philosophy?

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English Language Studies for Pastoral Ministry

English Language Studies for Pastoral Ministry

The English Language Studies for Pastoral Ministry (ELSPM) aims to train pastoral workers and theological students who speak a language other than English as their first language. Its objective is to develop skills in English in a Christian and theological environment and to improve communication to a level which will enable them to participate effectively in a pastoral ministry of the contemporary Church.

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Spiritual care week with SCA Tasmania

Spiritual Care Week 2021 - Advancing Spiritual Care Through ResearchSpiritual Care Week runs 25 October through 30 October 2021. The theme is ‘Advancing Spiritual Care Through Research’. Spiritual Care Australia – Tasmania Branch – will host a presentation with Prof Megan Best speaking on research in spiritual care at the Keith Milingen Lecture theatre, Royal Hobart Hospital on 25 October 2021 commencing 2:00pm.

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