NSW: Launch of Hindu Chaplaincy

Hindu Council of Australia is proud to inform the community that we have launched Hindu Chaplaincy officially at Prince of Wales Hospital on Vijayadashami.

The Hindu Chplaincy course which is called The Graduate Diploma in Counsellors of Hindu Tradition (CHT) is now recognised by the Chaplaincy body of NSW, College of Clinical Pastoral Education (CCPE) as equivalent to the Chaplaincy Course offered by them.

This means that people from the Hindu community now do not need to do any extra Courses to get recognised or to get employed by all different government and private bodies like Defence, Corrective Services, Hospitals etc.

This is a 2 years of effort carried on by Sai Paravastu (director and national Secretary of HCA), Karthik Subramanian (CHT Scholor)  and Surinder Jain (Founder and director of HCA).  This is good news for all of the Australian Hindu community whose need to have a chaplain is growing. 

Now Hindu Chaplains can work in Hospitals, aged care, corrective services etc and help the community with spiritual care, help with end-of-life care or last rites and have conversations that give them hope & courage. In the era of nuclear families, a chaplain is very much needed. 

A chaplain is a first level contact for people who are distressed and going through a difficult period of time. A chaplain can assist the elderly in communicating their wishes to family & friends, organise prayers & rituals and share resources or become a leaning shoulder. 

If any of you are interested in more information on the Graduate Diploma in Counsellors of Hindu Tradition (CHT) please email cht@hinducouncil.com.au