Cultural Competence for Chaplains

Cultural Competence for Chaplains Cultural competence helps chaplains better understand the beliefs, values, and practices of the people they serve, which can lead to improved communication and better pastoral care.

You will learn
• a model that you can us to understand how to communicate better with people from any culture
• How to find out more about a person’s culture

Presenter: Ms Siri Gunawardana

CAPACITY BUILDING COORDINATOR Siri coordinates CEH’s practical and specialist training courses which specialise in language services, cultural competence and health literacy. Siri has over 15 years of experience in migrant and refugee settlement, training and health promotion. She holds a Master in Public Health, a Bachelor of Arts-Community Development, and Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Learning outcomes

  • a model that you can us to understand how to communicate better with people from any culture
  • how you can reduce unintended bias in your work
  • better self-reflection, skills to find out about cultural preferences and communicate cross culturally

Members: $30

Foundational Partners Staff: $55

Non-Members: $70


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Topic: Cultural Competence for Chaplains
Start Date: 09 August 2023
End Date: 09 August 2023
Start Time: 13:30
End Time: 15:30
Venue: Zoom
Register Now: Here


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