A Buddhist Chaplain reflects: Lessons of Covid-19

response to Covid-19
Recovering from Covid-19 has felt like a losing game of Chutes and Ladders, says hospital chaplain Kristina Pearson. She shares the lessons of impermenance, acceptance, and wise hope she’s learned along the way.

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Overview of the Multifaith Chaplaincy Project

Rev. Richard JohnsonChaplaincy in Australia commenced with the arrival of the First Fleet; Rev. Richard Johnson was appointed Chaplain. Since those days of 1786, chaplaincy has expanded to provide spiritual works and comfort to peoples in a variety of service environments and places where people are resident for extended periods.

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Progressing the Multifaith Agenda in Multicultural Australia

FECCA Conference LogoA Healthy society needs healthy religion. However, in order for health to exist, we need to be in a dialogue with one another, that we may understand what needs to be addressed. At the 2019 FECCA Conference in Hobart, Emeritus Professor Des Cahill, Chair, Religions for Peace Australia addressed the need to consider the white supremacist movement, the case for climate change and religious support, the need for quality religious leadership (particularly for newly arrived religious leaders in Australia) and chaplaincy and spiritual care for a multicultural Australia.

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