Victoria: “Called to Care” Chaplaincy Conference

Lifehouse Church Westmeadows
Chaplaincy Australia will conduct a conference at Lifehouse Church Westmeadows on Saturday 25 July 2020. The theme of the conference is “Called to Care”.

Chaplaincy Conference

The conference sessions will be focusing on the theme ‘Called to Care’.

While the sessions will be very practical and helpful, we will also look at the current state of chaplaincy, the many changes in our society and what that will mean for you as carers and chaplains.

We will also be exploring trends and strategies for the expansion of chaplaincy in Victoria and beyond. There is a groundswell of cross-generational members being added to the Chaplaincy Australia – Victoria network through ‘Hub’ meetings across the regions and by word of mouth. Chaplaincy Victoria is indeed on the move.

Many chaplaincy sectors will be highlighted, and you will hear incredible stories of chaplains who are tirelessly working in their chosen field and on the ground; Plus, guest speakers bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Called to Care – Chaplaincy Australia Conference Victoria – Saturday 25 July 2020

Our theme is ‘Called to Care’ and our aim is to take Chaplaincy to a new level of understanding in how to bring ‘Hope and Support’ where hope is deferred and support non-existent.

We anticipate that you will experience a renewed step in your spirit and joy in your heart as we take a closer look at chaplaincy through the lens of caring for self, whilst caring for others. I don’t believe we can bring hope and support to others when we ourselves are not positioned to be inspired, encouraged and energised by others.

This dear friend is a time for you to unwind and relax with like minded people whilst taking this incredible opportunity to network and invest in your own personal growth. You will hear about the exciting advances chaplaincy is making throughout our state and beyond.

Taking time out to care for yourself and be replenished is so important, and is essential when you are caring for others…

Event Details

Program: Called to Care – Chaplaincy Australia Conference
Venue: Lifehouse Church, 9 Western Ave, Westmeadows VIC, 3049
Date: Saturday 25 July 2020
Cost: $79 – 110, and other rates.
Bookings: Online at Conference Vic


Called to Care – Chaplaincy Australia Conference Victoria


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